F1 Boston

F1 Boston: Get There. Faster.

F1 Boston Get There FasterF1 Boston combines the nationís premier indoor kart racing facility with a 106,000 square foot conference & entertainment facility. This unique combination was quickly embraced by the corporate world, which fills the facility with corporate events . Virtually every major company in the region has brought its clients, prospects, and employee groups to F1 Boston, which is now a primary venue for team building, conferences, exhibitions, and seminars - all moved to a new level with the thrill of indoor racing. Gaining in popularity among local residents and the many hotel guests in the area: Arrive and Drive Racing, League Racing, The F1 Junior Racing Academy, The Pool Hall at F1 and F1's Trackside Restaurant and Lounge.

For more information, visit the F1 Boston Website, www.f1boston.com.

Indoor Racing Excitement at F1 Boston